Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue skies and $17 ski ticket at Waterville Valley today

I just got back from a day at Waterville Valley.  Being March 17th and St. Patrick's Day, tickets were $17.  The mountain was pretty busy, though none of the images below would even hint at that.  Lots of kids from the Boston area in particular due to the fact that school was out for the day... it's Evacuation Day and a school holiday!  [Evacuation Day celebrates the day the British left Boston during the Revolutionary War.]

The temperatures were very warm, well into the 50s, and by lunch time it got pretty mushy. Driving home we hit 64F around Concord or Nashua!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Souvenir from Park City, Utah

Jaimie brought back a bottle of Road Kill Hot Sauce for Laurie's collection.  Here are a few shots of the stuff on the label... good for a couple of chuckles!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scupper Jack's goes out of business after 19 years.

Laurie had read that Scupper Jack's gift certificates would be honored at another local restaurant (I don't remember which one), so we wondered if it had gone out of business.  I decided to drive into the parking area today on my way home from work.  There were no cars in the lot (at 5pm) and the lights were off.  I took a photo of the letter taped to the door from the owners.  (see below).

If y ou can't read the letter below, double-click on it and you should get a larger image.

A few pix from Park City Utah, from Tyler and Jaimie

Jaimie and Tyler are having a good start of the week skiing in Utah.  These were emailed to me last night.  The green coat is Jaimie.  I think that it is an innocent bystander in the upper right in the picture of Daly Bowl, unless Tyler has a new helmet, new jacket and new skis.  They plan to drive to Alta or Snowbird today (Wednesday).

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first cold one in many years

Well, this isn't exactly the picture you were expecting based on this post's title, was it?

When skiing, I generally like to avoid the extreme cold.  In recent years, this means not bothering to drive north for a day of skiing unless the temperatures are expected to be above about 20*F. 

But Thursday was an exception, as both Tyler and I had the day off from work, and Thursdays are 2-for-1 days at Cannon.

It doesn't look too cold in the picture, what with a blue cloudless sky.  And there really was not much wind, a rarity at Cannon.  But when Tyler and I went inside at the top of the mountain for a cup of coffee at 11am we discovered it was -14*F (that's a minus in front of the 14!)

I guarantee that is me in the picture.  Tyler took this picture outside the base lodge after lunch. 

I really didn't expect to stay as warm as I did.  My gloves were perhaps the weakest link.  My finger tips got a bit cold but easily warmed up while holding a cup of coffee inside and again while eating lunch about 1 o'clock. 

It's been two years now that I have worn a helmet.  It's wonderful.  It is very warm and keeps even my earlobes cozy. Fortunately I do not get cold feet, which is what often drives folks in to warm up on cold days. A special thanks goes to the modern fabrics that make skiing even when it is this cold very pleasurable: Breathable parkas, wicking polypro underwear and layers of fleece. 

I think I've learned a lesson.  I will no longer skip a day of skiing because temps are not in the balmy 20's.  I will just bring a couple of more layers, and have fun. (Which we certainly did on this day.)